UnwiredWest is our wireless Internet technology. We use fixed wireless antennas no bigger than a large dinner plate to deliver blazing speeds to your home. If you call one of our customer service representatives, they can help identify your location and whether you can access our network. UnwiredWest covers almost 2,000 square miles in the Southern Willamette Valley stretching from Corvallis, to south of Cottage Grove, down to Lorane, and up the Marcola Valley. UnwiredWest gets coverage in places where others say they “can’t”.

UnwiredWest has 25 tower sites spread throughout the Southern Willamette Valley to get your home or business connected. Our tower sites are interconnected in a mesh for full redundancy and with batteries and generators to weather the most challenging storms. 

To find out more information about each service click below or to see what’s available at your address, call us at 541-338-9000.

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UnwiredWest has been serving the business community since 2001. Connecting schools, medical clinics, city government, wineries, an airport, and more, UnwiredWest is a technology you can trust your business with. Stop worrying about latency, restrictive usage limits, slow uploads, or static IPs. We can find a custom fit solution for you.

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UnwiredWest Internet has been providing service to the rural community since 2001. When other providers say no, XS Media says “yes”. Whether for gaming, streaming movies and TV, business, education, or just staying connected, UnwiredWest’s fixed wireless Internet is the best solution for your rural home.