No Contracts, No Data Caps, No Installation Fees. Synchronous Upload/Download.

Apartment building in Fall

XS Media is Local

XS Media has been known as an innovator and pioneer since 2001. We were the first high-speed Internet provider in Junction City and Harrisburg preceding Comcast and even CenturyLink (Qwest). With offices in West and Downtown Eugene, we’re here to serve the communities we live and work in.

Our spirit of innovation continues into the present day, with XS Media being the first Internet Service Provider in Lane County to offer gigabit internet service to selected residential areas, starting at $59 per month.


XS Media began offering fiber service in 2015. Our fiber service is fast, reliable, and perfect for working from home, remote learning, gaming, streaming video, and countless other uses!

The Best

Our service doesn’t just use the best technology available, we disrupt markets. XS Media helped pioneer gigabit Internet in Eugene, and we’re constantly working to expand our service area. We’re looking forward to what the future brings and what we can do to better serve our community!
road excavation for the laying of optical fiber
The Future is Fiber
We’re constantly working to expand our fiber internet service to new areas. This service includes all taxes and fees, has no data caps, and no long-term commitments. We work hard to be the internet service provider everybody wishes they could have! If you want to know more contact us today.
Apartment building
XS Media is now providing gigabit internet service to multi-dwelling units across Eugene and Springfield. Buildings that offer gigabit fiber internet to their tenants have significantly lower vacancy rates than those that do not. Our service can leverage the existing wiring already in the building, reducing costs and offering one of the greatest valued amenities to your tenants! To learn more, contact us.
Multi-story house with garage
Single Family Homes
We receive a lot of interest from homeowners in Lane County who would like to be connected to our fiber network. We are excited to announce the completion of our first fiber-to-the-home build in Springfield and look forward to growing our service area as opportunities arise. Feel free to follow us on Facebook to hear about any upcoming projects or contact us!