XS Media has a variety of ways to reach you at your home or business. If you are in Eugene or Springfield, ask us about our 10 gigabit fiber network leveraging 1,200 miles of publicly owned fiber. If you can’t get on our fiber network that’s ok too. UnwiredWest, our wireless Internet technology, covers almost 2,000 square miles in the Southern Willamette Valley with our wireless Internet network. With service from Corvallis, to south of Cottage Grove, down to Lorane, and up the Marcola Valley, UnwiredWest gets coverage in places where other say they “can’t”.

Our friendly and local sales staff have an expert level knowledge of all the services and make it easy for you to understand. Our certified and experienced, in-house, local technicians take the time to show you how to use the service and respect you and your installation needs.

Our focus is to use the best technology to reach your home or business. Many people have been told they have no options. Finding out what Internet service is offered at your address can be time consuming and difficult. Often times it requires going to multiple websites, calling several companies, or “taking people’s word for it”. XS Media is different. If we can’t get you connected, we’ll let you know who can. We’re an honest, and local provider that cares about people in our community getting the best services their area has to offer.

To find out more information about each service click below or to see what’s available at your address, call us at 541-338-9000.


XS Media has been offering their gigabit fiber Internet since 2015. Leading the charge in Lane County, their service is fast, reliable, and affordable. With a brand new network deployed in early 2017, their network has been super-charged and now offers up to 10Gbps to the community. Ultra-low latency, reliable mesh-networks, and the fastest speeds in the State of Oregon mean you can trust your home or business with XS Media’s fiber solutions.


UnwiredWest has been serving the community since 2001. The leader in serving the rural Southern Willamette Valley, our fixed-wireless is the best technology to connect your home or business. We regularly upgrade our networks to take advantage of new emerging technologies. Our low latency, unlimited data caps, and fast download speeds mean you can stay connected to the things you need.