Fiber Internet

XS Media began offering service on EUGNet, the municipally owned fiber network in Lane County, in 2015. As the premier Internet service provider in Lane County, XS Media can offer speeds for the 21st century to your home or business.

Many people feel like they are stuck with the incumbent providers who either don’t offer fast enough speeds or do, but at too high of a price. XS Media’s growing fiber network offers the fastest speeds in the state at some of the most aggressive prices in the nation. We’re disrupting the Internet Service Provider market in Lane County and we’re excited.

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XS Media offers DISH TV


XS Media offers a variety of businesses services from School Districts and large enterprise organizations to tech and Internet dependent businesses to small mom and pops. We’re here to listen to your needs, your concerns, and provide you with a reliable service you can trust with a company who cares as much about your business succeeding as you do.

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XS Media offers DISH TV


From apartment complexes to student housing to individual homes, XS Media is the leader in providing the fastest and most reliable service for the right price.