Looking down Willamette Street in Eugene Oregon
Map of Eugene fiber network areaThe City of Eugene is working to build a high-speed, publicly owned, fiber network in Downtown Eugene called EUGNet. The network is the largest publicly owned, open access fiber network stretches over 1,200 miles. The project aims to bring Downtown Eugene’s technology infrastructure up to a level that makes it among the best cities in the country. The City of Eugene, Lane Council of Governments (LCOG), and Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) partnered with Technology Association of Oregon to begin the project in 2015 that saw fiber built to 3 buildings. 44 Broadway – The Broadway Commerce Center, 940 Willamette – The Woolworth, and 942 Olive St – RAIN Eugene. The project attracted interest from several Internet providers, but ultimately it was XS Media that spearheaded efforts to connect businesses downtown. The success of the pilot project led to the Eugene City Council to vote for the expansion and funding of the project to a wider area in the downtown core. This ensures many downtown buildings and businesses will have access to world class high-speed Internet.
Located in the Miner Building in downtown Eugene, XS Media is the Premier Fiber Internet Service Provider for our community. From the first moments of the fiber project, we have been in close contact with city officials and organizations pivotal to making this project a success. We met with businesses and community members to identify what they were looking for and went to the drawing board. The demand for world-class Internet and better phone service is growing and XS Media is responding. We currently offer speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) and launched our 10 Gbps service in March 2017. Our service is among the fastest in the nation and ¼ the price of competing nationally-recognized cities.
XS Media connected over 98% of the businesses in the pilot phase of the project. Leveraging the most reliable technology existing today using best practices for networking and hardware makes XS Media the most reliable provider in downtown Eugene. Additionally, our backbone is served by two diverse paths north to Portland and south to the Bay Area providing unparalleled access to the places you do business. If you ever do have a support issue, a member of our team is here to assist your 24×7 over the phone. If you need on-site support, we’re just down the block.
XS Media has been serving Lane County since 2001. We have continued to evolve our technology as new products and services are released. In March 2017 we upgraded our core to maximize networking, hardware, and physical redundancies. We’re excited to be the first provider serving downtown offering 10 gigabit Internet. We embrace technology at XS Media and will continue to look for emerging equipment and best practices to improve our connectivity to our community.
Fiber network cables being installed in Eugene OregonEUGNet
Spanning over 1,200 miles, EUGNet is the largest publicly owned fiber network in the country. That network allows XS Media and others to provide world-class services to downtown Eugene. Click here to find out more information about EUGnet.
Historical Project Timeline
August 2017 Phase 2 construction begins downtown with connections to the Downtown Athletic Club, Citizen’s building, and others.
June 2017 Phase 1 construction downtown begins with connections to IDX, Pipeworks, and 6 other buildings.
May 2017 Eugene secures federal funding to complete downtown high-speed fiber network.
March 2017 Fiber Launch Celebration in the Miner Building where XS Media demos 10 gigabit Internet.
February 2017 The EWEB board approved the inter-governmental agreement to expand construction of EUGNet, to the downtown.
January 2017 The Register Guard publishes an article on the Downtown Fiber Project.
December 2016 The City of Eugene approves open-access fiber pipeline to San Jose and Portland to improve capacity to Eugene for downtown project. Scheduled completion is March 2017.