Connecting Businesses to Fast and Reliable Internet
Offering Service to both Rural and Urban Businesses

XS Media is Local

XS Media has been known as an innovator and pioneer since 2001. We were the first high-speed Internet provider in Junction City and Harrisburg preceding Comcast and even CenturyLink (Qwest). With offices in West and Downtown Eugene, we’re here to serve the communities we live and work in.
Network optical fiber cables and hub
Business Class
XS Media has service plans for businesses small and large. We specialize in connecting rural and difficult-to-reach businesses that other providers may ignore or offer poor service to. We listen to your needs, are very knowledgeable, and right-fit our service to meet your business. Leveraging our large coverage area, we can offer service to over 7,500 square miles centered on Eugene. Contact us.
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Dedicated Wireless
When normal burstable Internet isn’t good enough, we offer dedicated wireless. Unlike other connections, we leverage our carrier-grade wireless and fiber backbone to deliver high-speed Internet with unparalleled reliability. All dedicated circuits come with RF Engineering during the design phase, our professional installation team, SLAs, and 24×7 enterprise support. Contact us.