Business UnwiredWest

Internet is becoming the most critical service to operating a business successfully. Whether it’s a fast, reliable, and affordable primary internet solution or a backup for the occasional outage, XS Media and UnwiredWest are the ideal solution, with a variety of platforms to deliver high-speed and enterprise Internet.

To find out more information about each service click below or to see what service and speeds are available at your address, call us at 541-338-9000.

Business Class

This solution is designed for most small to large businesses. Using wireless, dsl, or cable circuits we can provide very fast connections to almost anywhere leveraging partners like CenturyLink, Comcast, or UnwiredWest.

UnwiredWest provides the most flexibility of all the providers we offer. They have service for primary or backup Internet connections from anywhere in the Southern Willamette Valley in or out of town. All of their business plans come standard with static IP addresses, email, domain, and web With packages starting at $74.99/mo they have the most attractive product for the price.


Dedicated Wireless

This solution is designed for businesses or property management companies who have serious demands. Using state of the art, fiber-like, licensed wireless we can deploy speeds from 10Mbps to 1Gbps.

Offering reliability at up to 99.9999% means your Internet is guaranteed to work all but 5 minutes over the course of 10 years. Using new and proven carrier class technology helps deliver unparalleled speeds for your demanding users. This service is typically installed in enterprise companies, large MDU projects, RV or manufactured home parks, hotels/motels, and much more.

There are several significant advantages to dedicated licensed wireless, but a few of them are:

  • Immune to the backhoe effect:
    • Your connection cannot go down if someone hits or breaks your fiber down the road.
  • Green technology:
    • Very low power solution without miles of cable.
  • Ease of installation and low initial cost:
    • Spare yourself tens of thousands on running fiber into your building.
  • Large footprint:
    • Can be installed anywhere in the Southern Willamette Valley in or out of town.