Offering Phone Lines, Hosted PBX, and Trunk Replacement
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Phone service is an integral part of every business. XS Media works hard to provide a solution that is invisible like the power, working exactly how you need it without even noticing it’s there. We offer solutions to meet a wide variety of business needs. From small business that just need a line or two to clients that need a Business Phone System (PBX) with advanced features, or those who want a cost-effective solution to replace their SIP/T1/PRI lines. Our solutions allow you to keep the same phone number and work reliably, all while saving you money.
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Business Phone Solutions
Business class analog phone service with unlimited nationwide long distance and all major calling features at one flat rate per month. This can be used even to replace existing analog lines from the telco contact us.
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Hosted PBX Phone System
Also known as Virtual PBX systems, this is an ideal solution for small to medium businesses or those with multiple locations. Our PBX solution includes competitive features, flexible programming, and be configured for any business application. The system includes all of the enterprise class features a large organization at a surprisingly lower cost than purchasing all new hardware. Contact us to learn more.
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Trunk Lines
XS Media also offers trunk replacement services. We can deliver the service in a variety of ways including: SIP, T1, PRI, POTS, or Amphenol. This solution is best suited for clients who already have their own in-house PBX or Key System that is fairly new, and has most of the features that meet their business needs. We can provide a high number of business lines very inexpensively to replace traditional telco trunks.
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Business Fax Solution
Also called, Electronic Fax, this solution allows you to unplug from your traditional fax machine and go “green”. Inbound faxes are delivered as a PDF to your inbox. Outgoing messages can be sent from any computer connected to the Internet in 2 simple steps. Stop wasting printer paper or having to keep an eye on that old fax machine and start saving today!