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Gigabit Internet for Just $79 per Month

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XS Media is Local

XS Media has been providing business Internet to the Southern Willamette Valley since 2001. With our 24×7 support team on the phone, and our office just down the block at the Miner Building in downtown, we’re here to help you with your needs. We care about our community because we live in it. All of our employees work, shop, and live in the Eugene/Springfield area.


Nothing more important than being “up”. We have taken nearly 20 years of experience to build a robust, secure, and stable network to power your business operations.


Our service doesn’t just use the best technology available, we disrupt markets. XS Media helped pioneer gigabit Internet in Eugene, and will continue to innovate in the future.


XS Media knows every business is unique. We listen to your needs and offer Internet, phone service, and connections to your cloud service to elevate your business productivity.
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Business Class
XS Media is unlike any other Internet provider in the region. We pioneered Eugene’s gigabit Internet service and are the leader for service quality and speeds, all for a reasonable price. XS Media has spearheaded the Downtown Eugene Fiber Project, and extends our services throughout the Eugene/Springfield community. To learn more details about this service contact us.
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Protected Circuits
XS Media’s protected circuits come with the reliability to meet the most demanding applications. They offer a full SLA, protected networking, and backup power to keep your service working when others might go down. Unlike other deployments, we use multiple circuits to ensure hardware, network, and human failures won’t take down your circuit. To learn more contact us.
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XS Media’s dedicated connections offer reliable circuits at any speed the customer requires. With a full SLA we can provide speeds up to 10Gbps symmetrical. These connections can also be protected with our N+1 configuration to add best combination of performance and reliability. To learn more details about this service contact us.