Fiber For Your Business

No Contracts, No Data Caps, No Installation Fees. Synchronous Upload/Download.


XS Media has been providing business Internet to the Southern Willamette Valley since 2001. With our 24×7 support team on the phone, and our office just down the block at the Miner Building in downtown, we’re here to help you with your needs. We care about our community because we live in it. All of our employees work, shop, and live in the Eugene/Springfield area.


We have taken our experience to build a robust, secure, and stable network to power your business operations. XS Media prides ourselves on our superior customer service, commitment to clear and consistent communication, and excellent quality of service.


Our service doesn’t just use the best technology available, we disrupt markets. XS Media helped pioneer the gigabit for $99 Internet and our new core will turn it up to eleven with our new 10 gigabit Internet service using the publicly owned fiber network, EUGNet. Starting in 2015, XS Media led the way on the pilot project, connecting 98% of the fiber-connected businesses downtown. The success of that project led to the next phase of the project for the broader downtown beginning the Spring of 2017.


XS Media is a total-solution provider, connecting businesses with the services they need for their unique business. Internet, phone lines, trunk replacements, hosted phone systems, and cloud connections to providers like AWS, Office 365, and Azure, are ways we can help elevate your business productivity at a fraction of the cost.

Business Class

XS Media pioneered Eugene’s gigabit Internet service, which is now just $79. With all taxes and fees included we are the leader for service quality and speeds for a reasonable price. Serving the majority of Downtown Eugene, XS Media is the premier Internet service provider for Lane County. All our services have no installation fees, no data caps, synchronous speeds, and only a 12-month agreement. Our service is disrupting the areas Internet service and we’re proud to be on the leading edge of this technology and service. To learn more details about this service contact us.

Protected Circuits

XS Media’s protected N+1 circuits come with the reliability to meet the most demanding applications. These circuits offer a full SLA, redundant circuits, and protected networking and power to keep your service working when others might go down. Unlike our other deployments, we use multiple circuits connected directly into different parts of our core to ensure hardware, network, and human failures will not take down your circuit. To learn more details about this service contact us.


XS Media’s dedicated connections offer reliable circuits at any speed the customer requires. With a full SLA we can provide speeds up to 10Gbps symmetrical. These connections can also be protected with our N+1 configuration to add best combination of performance and reliability. To learn more details about this service contact us.


“XS Media has been a fantastic partner for Palo Alto Software. They’ve provided us with vastly superior speed at a substantially lower cost than the other options available. Their service and reliability has been top notch and they’ve been ready and willing to help us with any and all questions that have come up. We look forward to a long working relationship with XS Media.”  – Noah Parsons, COO, Palo Alto Software

“XS Media has been a great partner for us. We love our super-fast fiber connection. The switchover was painless, reliability has been good, and they have been helpful with any questions we’ve had. Our business is heavily reliant on excellent connectivity and we feel like we get that from XS Media.” Tobias Barwood, AIA Principal, Pivot Architecture

“As a creative agency supporting local, regional, and national brands, our internet speeds matter. We are often dealing with large files being transferred to off-site printers and clients for review. Before our switch to XS Media, we used Comcast Business. Our speeds for upload and download were noticeably faster with XS Media. The customer service experience for billing and notifications of maintenance has been excellent. We really appreciate the partnership we’ve formed with XS Media and our lightning fast transfer speeds.” – Seth Revoal, CEO – Revolution Design Group

“Rare to be able to work with a company, especially an Internet provider, that is so responsive, easy to work with, and has amazing prices. They went out of their way to help us get our network setup, always got back quickly whenever we had questions. Not often nowadays you get the chance to work with a company that truly goes above and beyond” – Mike Biglan, CEO, Twenty Ideas

“We’re so happy to be XS Media’s customer. Their setup was completely seamless. The speeds are astonishing. So much faster than any other provider can offer. It’s changed the way we’re able to serve our clients and the large reason we moved to our location. It costs us 1/3rd the price of big national provides and the is an incomparably better product. We truly feel like we have local service and support.” – Russell Kaye, Attic Media

Gigabit speed Internet delivered via fiber brings with it many advantages: low latency, massive file downloads & uploads, streaming high-def audio & video, business quality phone service, and more. Simply stated, there is no better Internet connection than fiber to your building. Since we rely heavily on quality Internet connectivity for our applications and data, this was a major leap forward for our business.