Gigabit Fiber: Fast. Simple. Affordable.


Springfield Utility Board (SUB) and XS Media have collaborated to bring world-class fiber Internet infrastructure to the Ambleside neighborhood. In the Summer of 2019, XS Media will begin construction of fiber Internet in the neighborhood as an exciting new option for services in your home. This public-private collaboration is unique because SUB will own all the fiber infrastructure, with XS Media providing fast and affordable services with no data caps, no contracts, and no installation fees.

Springfield Utility Board

In 2018, SUB approved the expansion of its fiber optic network to be constructed and operated by XS Media. The goal was continuing SUB’s commitment to the community and to bring world-class services across the Springfield area. Ambleside is its first residential fiber project and was selected based on its proximity to existing fiber infrastructure.

Springfield Utility Board
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XS Media

XS Media is a community Internet service provider based in the Eugene-Springfield area. We care about our customers, our community impact, and take pride in providing service the way we’d want it for ourselves. What that means for you is it’s fast, affordable, transparent, and simple. Learn more here.

Why Fiber?

Studies show homes connected to publicly owned fiber increase 3.1% in value. Fiber Internet enables every cutting-edge technology from streaming TV services, to working from home, to things we haven’t even dreamed of yet. We provide the fastest fiber service available, at one of the lowest prices in the country.

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“They offer a wonderful service and fantastic customer service! What a refreshing change.” – Teri Reifer

“XS Media has been helping local non-profits for years and has always provided the highest level of customer service I’ve ever seen. They have been a great local partner and a huge asset to our community.” – Jake Groff

Home Services

Fast. Affordable. Simple

Once we’ve connected your home to fiber, the next step is switching to the fastest service available! Our prices are all-inclusive, transparent, and consistent month to month. Taxes and fees are included in your monthly price, meaning there are no surprise additions to your bill. You will never have to call in and negotiate around any unexpected price increases. We’re a local company you can trust!

Internet connection


$59/month for 1 gigabit internet (1,000 Mbps)

+ $10/month for our HomeNet router
(required for fiber service)

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Optional add-on service for only
$21.25/month. Service Includes:

• keep same phone number
• unlimited local/long distance

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Pay for what you use instead of
being forced to use “bundles”.
Popular services includes:

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Netflix logo
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Smart. Simple. Innovative.
Our Fiber Internet enables the
leading technology today and of
the future. We recommend
services like:

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If you’re interested in learning more about the Ambleside fiber project or our other projects and services, contact us via the form below. We’d love to hear from you!


    Free fiber installation for Ambleside Homeowners!

    In collaboration with SUB, we’re connecting your neighborhood to fiber internet at no cost to you!

    SUB requires a consent form to construct fiber from the street to your home. To allow this work, at no cost to you, please download, sign, and return this PDF to