Local, Reliable, Honest Since 2001

XS Media is a local Internet service provider who values the customer and their needs above all else. That means we have clear, consistent, and transparent billing, we right fit our services to the customer rather than maximizing profits, and we’re dedicated to using cutting edge technology and best networking practices to ensure our service is as reliable as possible.

XS Media 2018 Company Retreat
XS Media 2018 Company Retreat

XS Media is the new name for our parent company, UnwiredWest Internet, which started in 2001 as a high-speed wireless Internet service provider. UnwiredWest was the first high-speed Internet provider in towns like Junction City and Harrisburg, long before larger companies like Comcast and CenturyLink (Qwest) began offering services. With Internet service extending from Corvallis to Dexter/Cottage Grove and everywhere in between, we offer service where others tell you “they don’t”.

fall colors explode as a lone bicyclist can be seen in the distance riding along the riverfront XS Media was formed in 2012 to continue our excellence in customer service and installations. We had received so many complaints from customers about their lack of quality and affordable Internet service that we decided to do something about it. installs ourselves. That sparked a change in the company and in June 2012, we began offering wired Internet services and phone solutions. Our fiber network now currently uses EUGNet, a young family rides across the willamette river on the defazio bike bridge in eugene oregon the largest publicly owned fiber network in the United States to deliver world-class Internet to the community we live in. With the launch of our television service in the Spring of 2017, we were now able to meet all the needs of both our commercial and residential customer.

XS Media has been servicing businesses since the beginning. With medical clinics, city governments, libraries, engineering firms, large tech companies, and much more, XS Media has an impressive resume of businesses they service.

We are continuously expanding over the last several years. We appreciate our customer’s loyalty and always work our hard to deliver the customer service they deserve.


 Get to Know Our Team

Stephen Parac Stephen Parac
Chief Strategy Officer
Stephen began working for XS Media in January 2007. He started his time as a field technician and proved himself to be resourceful and dedicated. He was quickly promoted to Network Engineer, then Chief Operations Officer, and now is our Chief Strategy Officer. A University of Oregon alumni, Stephen has degrees in Political Science, Economics, and Accounting. He is dedicated to serving the community and spends much of his free time volunteering with a variety of organizations serving on the boards of the Eugene Education Foundation, Lane Workforce Partnership, Onward Eugene, and as President of the Willamette Internet Exchange. He also enjoys hiking our state’s trails, rock/metal festivals, tabletop gaming, and conventions, but most of all his spending time with his wife and children. Stephen loves a good sci-fi novel and his 3D printers.
Ben Matson Ben Matson
Network Engineer
A graduate of AVTEC’s Information Technology program in Seward, Alaska Ben has spent most of his career working with enterprise networks. When offered he leaped at the opportunity to bring his expertise in routing and switching into a provider space and has since become instrumental in designing and implementing XS Media’s fiber deployment in downtown Eugene. Ben spends most of his time away from work with his young son, but when he gets a chance he also enjoys tabletop wargaming and is an avid technology enthusiast.
Robert Wilson Robert Wilson
Field Technician
Robert is an experienced field technician who enjoys working for XS Media. His duties change every day, he gets to work outside and meets new and interesting people every day. In his free time, Robert enjoys running obstacle courses, going to see waterfalls, and playing on the sand dunes.
Kevin Schroder Kevin Schroder
Field Technician
Before joining the XS Media team, Kevin spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy (Seabees) as a construction electrician. After his time with the Navy, he worked for various telecommunication companies working with TV, phones, and internet. Being a field technician, Kevin likes the variety of work he does in the field and enjoys learning new skill sets, including networking, programming and using many applications needed to perform his duties. He also loves tower climbing! Kevin likes to watch the Oregon Ducks at their sporting events, spend time with his family and friends, watch movies and visit the coast.
Steven Gott Steven Gott
Network Analyst
Steven was born and raised here in Eugene. He’s spent many years in customer service and sales, going all the way back to those first jobs during high school summers, and when he joined XS Media in 2013 it was in a sales and customer service role. He actively picked up any piece of technical knowledge he could and that habit eventually opened up the opportunity to transition into his current support role in late 2016. “One of the more counter-intuitive perks of working for XS Media is how much better I know the road layout,” Steven says. “It’s all the time spent looking at satellite maps for our wireless service coverage and it makes rerouting around construction super easy.” When he’s not at work Steven spends most of his time gaming, both online and tabletop. One of his tabletop gaming groups has been meeting to play, with a few exceptions, once a week for just over 10 years.
Rachel Parac Rachel Parac
Rachel is the newest member of our team. She comes from the banking industry and most recently from being a stay-at-home mom. She’s patient, organized, and helps make sure all of our new customer devices are monitored. In her free time, Rachel loves to read books, play board games, spend time with the family, and take long, warm vacations.
Daniel Koplin Daniel Koplin
Customer Service Analyst
Daniel has been living in the Eugene area since 2005 and been active in one or more “Support” roles since his early teens. He has fixed family computers, set up networks, repaired phones, jumped to Enterprise-level software solutions after College, and then joined XS Media in 2016. Always growing his knowledge-base, Daniel spends his free time watching movies and tinkering with technology, especially his 3D printer.
Steve Brown Steve Brown
Project Manager
A returning employee to XS Media, Steve has 11 years of experience in the Electrical and Technology industry. Recently, he worked as a project foreman on the TLK1 Google data center where he specialized in Fire Alarm, Data, Security, and Access Controls. Before that, he worked on the Facebook Data Centers in Prineville. He holds a General Journeyman Electrical License and hopes to obtain his General Supervising Electrical License in the near future. In his downtime, he enjoys quadding, hunting, fishing, camping, snowboarding, and most of all, spending time with his family.